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  • Name:Ancient Legend
  • Category: ARPG
  • Subject:Chinese Mythology
  • Platform:PC
  • Published at:7/2003
  • Release Area:Mainland of China/Taiwan, China/Hong Kong,China/Macao, China/Europe and America

Ancient Legend is a sequel to Blade&Sword and is created by original team.

Ancient Legend" makes a lot of new changes and enhancements on the basis of the original Blade&Sword. In terms of scenes, new southern scenes will be opened in Ancient Legend, including verdant and evergreen tropical rainforest, unique ethnic minority villages,ancient exotic cities, temples and lakes etc. In addition, in Blade&Sword, the protagonists has gone through a lot of hardships to get to the feudal temple, the entrance of the devil world, and players see only a small piece of the devil world. But this version will formally develop the whole devil world - the bizarre and capricious Temple, the dark Stone Forest, the new Yellow Spring Road, the Ghost City and various underground devil caves. It will show players a panoramic view of the whole devil world.

 In addition, it has two new occupations except the three occupations in old version, the Elder and the hidden mysterious figure.



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Common Problems and Solutions:

When the window (Figure 1) appears as follows for the devices with high DPI:


This game doesn’t support the high DPI display settings higher than Windows 8 because it is developed several years ago. Players need to modify the system settings to Windows 8. Specifically, after downloading win8DPI.bat, double-click to run it directly. If the system prompts an unrecognized application (Figure 2), click "Still to Run". Restart the computer (Figure 3) after running successfully and then enter the game again. After restarting the computer, the size of desktop texts or icons may change, which is normal.



After quitting the game, if you want to restore the previous Windows 10 system settings, please download Win10DPI. bat, double-click directly to run. When it runs successfully (Figure 4), restart the computer, desktop text icons, etc. will return to normal.

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