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  • Name:Blade&Sword
  • Category:ARPG Standalone
  • Subject:Chinese Mythology
  • Platform:PC
  • Published at:2002/11
  • Release Area:Mainland of China/Taiwan, China/Hong Kong,China/Macao, China/Southeast Asia/Europe and America

This is an action RPG. The background is set in ancient times more than 3000 years ago. Users use swords to fight against the ghost of Emperor Zhou of Shang dynasty who attempts to annex the world.Users can determine the types of attacks: stabbing, slashing, cutting, splitting, dodging, blocking and all kinds of Kungfu skills to experience the fighting pleasure. We believe that this is a work that can create a new era of domestic G game.As the first action RPG in China, it also has been released in Japan, America, Russia and has more than 200,000 legal copies.In 2003, Blade&Sword topped the RPG ranking on American famous game media Gamespot for three consecutive days and ranked Top 10 for ten consecutive days.