• Novel “Revenant Adventure”
    Nanpai Sanshu acts as the chief architect of world outlook for the novel “Revenant Adventure”, which is published on
    Norway's oldest cable car company designed Ploutonion Bridge, the world's longest underground cable car, for the German Nazis during World War II. The information of this cable car is stored in the archives of the Soviet’s Capital and is one of the World War II historical data that will never be released. Ploutonion is a cave of the ancient Greek legend. Everything is bound to die as long as it enters Ploutonion. Is this huge cable car, down to the underground, the access to it? Is it inextricably linked to the mirror, which was claimined by Claudius Ptolemy to see the real universe?

  • Animation for Revenant Adventure Season 1Season 2extra chapter
    Pixel software, together with TENCENT ANIMATION & COMICS and Nanpai Sanshu, has created a domestic 3D animation masterpiece of mystery exploration.
    Helicopters on Egyptian murals, prehistoric nuclear reactors, historical fault zones all over the world...There are countless evidences in this world that remind us of the high civilization in prehistory. Some desperately want to restore the truth, some desperately want to cover the track. What kind of legend will be unfolded around the fault zones of history?

  • Comics for Revenant Adventure
    The story starts with Wang Pangzi, Zhang Tianshi and Jiang Xiaozhu looking for missing Shentu after Anyan was expelled by THA, focusing on exploring the mystery of the Shentu's life experience. This adventure will span exotic Europe, enter the unknown Bermuda delta, go deep into the dangerous Kingdom of Israel, explore India, decrypt the mysterious and wordless monumen. The comics fans would experience a thrilling around-the-world trip.

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Established in March of 2002, Pixel Soft is mainly engaged in developing games and committed to create competitive online games and high-end brands in interactive entertainment industry, with the idea of “work conscientiously and carefully to create best games”. Pixel Soft has excellent R&D teams in China. On 29th March, 2016, it has had its stocks listed on New Over-The-Counter Market. (Securities Abbreviation: Pixel Software Securities Code: 836333)

Pixel has managed to develop Blade&Sword, Ancient Legend, Blade&Sword Online, Zentia, Blade&Sword II, Revenant Adventure, Arsenal Code, Hero Legend, etc. These games cover all terminals like PC, mobile and television and so on. Pixel’s famous game IP:【Blade&Sword】【Zentia】【Revenant Adventure】

From 2002, Pixel’ s self-developed games were entered in global market continuously, and have been distributed in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Europe, North America and other places.




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